Janice Birney M.D.

When I started my medical practice 29 years ago, I asked a friend who I greatly admired what I should do for my office accounting and payroll. My friend said, "I would suggest Ken DeLucas and Brown Ells & Company as they really cater to small businesses. They will gently guide you through the tax and business world." I have been with Ken DeLucas and Brown Ells for 29 years and am very thankful every year for that decision. I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. Fifteen years after being in private practice, another medical practice attempted a hostile takeover of my practice. I am in practice today through Ken DeLucas painstaking work. I would recommend Ken and Brown Ells to any business owner, small or large.

Janice Birney M.D. P.C.

BU Drive

We were very pleased, when we found Brown Ells & Company for urgent support in a matter of re-doing and analyzing the financials 2013 for our US-subsidiary BU Drive USA Inc. We immediately experienced a very competent and trustful team. This company understood very quickly our accounting issues and provided excellent service and consultancy within the very limited period of time we could give them. We are absolutely sure, that we have found a highly valued and quality business partner for the future.

Tanja van Rheenen
BU Bücker Unternehmensgruppe GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Blue Spruce Concepts, Inc.

Brown, Ells, and Company has done our corporate accounting for the past eleven years. We have always been extremely satisfied with the work that they have done for us. The staff at Brown, Ells is very helpful and friendly whenever I call with concerns or problems. We have worked closely with both Ken de Lucas, CEO and our account manager, and Cherry Nietes, our tax preparer. Ken is always available to answer questions and give advice. Cherry keeps in touch with me on a regular basis during tax season ( as I am always running behind with my data entry), answering my questions and keeping me on track. They are terrific! We also use Electronic Quil, the bookkeeping system that Brown, Ells and Co. developed for use by their clients. Using Quil makes it especially easy to communicate tax information to them and is very user friendly.
I would recommend Brown, Ells, and Company to anyone looking for an accountant.

Shelley Klermund
Owner and Office Manager
Blue Spruce Concepts, Inc.

Little People's Landing

We have been working with Brown Ells & Company for over 20 years and have always received timely service and accurate information regarding all of our accounting questions and concerns.

Brown Ells & Company introduced us to their accounting software; Electronic Quill, which has proven to be very effective producing our weekly payroll and associated reports without the need for a payroll specialist. We have 9 locations throughout the front range which have individual payrolls requiring weekly pay checks for over 15-25 employees in each location.

Additionally, each location requires a monthly operating statement as well as a consolidated operating statement for the entire corporation. Brown Ells & Company provides all of the required information efficiently and effectively.

Brown Ells & Company also provide coordinated accounting services with our sister company Oman Enterprises by sorting out the relationships between the two companies as it relates to rental payment income. They showed us how to defer a significant amount of taxable income through their creative tax strategies by changing the makeup of rental payments.

Our accounting and finance department works closely with Brown Ells & Company on a daily basis and the results are outstanding.

Terry Oman, President

RG Raymer

Equill has been a key instrument of the financial aspect of our business. From payroll to monthly reports, Equill networks well between our office and the team at Brown-Ells. This allows us to analyze our daily, monthly, and yearly reports as needed. We would highly recommend the Equill program and their support staff at Brown-Ells.

Diana Raymer
RG Raymer Construction, Inc.